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PIGGS: A Spanish Haven in the Heart of Edinburgh

Nestled discreetly along Edinburgh’s bustling Royal Mile lies PIGGS, a charming Spanish wine bar and tapas haven that has quickly become a beloved fixture in the city’s culinary scene. With its intimate ambiance and dedication to offering fine wine and delectable tapas, PIGGS is a testament to the vision and passion of its owners, Daniel and Victor, two brothers whose love for the Spanish way of life permeates every aspect of their establishment.

Founded just before the frenzy of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August 2019, PIGGS was the brainchild of Daniel and his father, who shared a dream of bringing a taste of Spain to the streets of Edinburgh. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant culture of Spain, they transformed their vision into reality, creating a cosy retreat where patrons could unwind and indulge in authentic Spanish flavors.

From its beginnings as a six-tabled wine bar, PIGGS quickly gained momentum, thanks in part to its innovative approach to marketing and customer engagement. Embracing the power of social media, Daniel and Victor leveraged platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase their offerings and connect with a diverse clientele, both locals and tourists alike. The result was a thriving business that garnered a loyal following and earned rave reviews from satisfied patrons.

Central to PIGGS’ success is its commitment to quality and authenticity. Drawing on their Spanish heritage, Daniel and Victor curate a menu that celebrates the rich tapestry of Spanish cuisine, featuring an array of tapas, meats, and cheeses sourced from the finest producers. Signature dishes like Patatas Bravas and the Meats and Cheese Platter have become fan favourites, while daily specials add an element of excitement and surprise to the dining experience.

But perhaps what sets PIGGS apart is its unique name, which pays homage to the family’s roots and serves as a nod to their heritage. Inspired by their father’s restaurant, which opened its doors in 1989, Daniel and Victor chose the name PIGGS as a playful tribute to their love for all things porcine, a staple ingredient in traditional Spanish cuisine. With a wink and a nod to their distinctive car number plate, the name PIGGS became synonymous with quality, innovation, and a touch of whimsy.

Looking to the future, Daniel and Victor are poised to expand their culinary empire, having just opened a second location in Bruntsfield and ambitions to establish PIGGS as a nationwide brand. The brothers are eager to embark on the next chapter of their journey, confident in their ability to replicate the magic of PIGGS in cities across the UK.

As Daniel aptly puts it, “We’re both very ambitious. We’ve got the formula.” And indeed, with their winning combination of passion, talent, and entrepreneurial spirit, the future looks bright for PIGGS and the brothers who dare to dream big.