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Life Fit Wellness

Helping people not just bodies.

Life Fit Wellness provides the highest standard of healthcare and exercise services which are delivered within a custom designed clinic in Falkirk Business Hub.  Their integrated approach to healthcare and exercise allows them to better meet the needs of the individual in a tailored and personalised way.

They provide a wide range of treatment and exercise options in a supportive environment whilst working to empower individuals to manage their own health and wellbeing.

From their inception at their previous, smaller location in Grangemouth, they have evolved to fill their current facility in the centre of Falkirk, and they continue to develop their approach and services. They pride themselves on providing exceptional customer service in a friendly atmosphere; aiming to help people, not just bodies.

Their approach and experience

Life Fit Wellness provide an honest and person-centred approach to physiotherapy which is based on current best evidence and many years of experience throughout the team. David Bowmaker says, “We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of care to each individual client.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists follow a ‘bio-psycho-social’ approach which essentially looks at the person as a whole, meaning you come first. This approach not only addresses the physical components of injury, but consideration is given to your environment and psychological factors that contribute to your health. There is good evidence to suggest that addressing all three factors improves how likely a person is to recover.”

The Physiotherapy Team have expertise in the musculoskeletal system enabling them to assess, diagnose and treat an extensive range of issues by utilising a wide array of clinical skills. David Bowmaker says, “Our skilled team are able to provide exercise prescription and rehabilitation, manual therapy to assist with pain relief, acupuncture or dry needling and work and lifestyle management advice.”.

17 Degrees Magazine’s Sophie Robertson has been getting to know the team at Life Fit Wellness over the last few months. After a conversation with the welcoming reception team about her ongoing sciatica, she scheduled a physiotherapy session with Stewart Kerr, one of the Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Team. Following a thorough assessment, a treatment plan was agreed which involved a tailored exercise program, advice on daily management and some ‘hands-on’ treatment which provided some welcome pain-relief.

Following this session, she received her personalised exercise program by email which included photos, videos and written description of the exercises. Part of the management program discussed was to facilitate a smooth transition to Pilates. A 1-1 Intro to Pilates was arranged with Chartered Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor, Carolyn Kent. This set Sophie up nicely with confidence to transition into a Pilates Class. This week she will be attending a Pilates Circuit Class at Life Fit Wellness, which utilises specialised large equipment such as the ‘Reformer’. Having both services in the same place was ideal and made the transition from physiotherapy to exercise achievable.

Furthermore, the benefit of having a dual trained Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor meant that her sciatica was accommodated, and therefore the exercise was not only achievable, but enjoyable and beneficial. She has since followed up for a review physiotherapy session with Stewart and the improvements were clear to see.

The physiotherapy team work alongside their other Healthcare and Exercise services which can optimise the care they provide by ensuring a seamless package of care and referral as required. These services include an Ultrasound Scan and Injection Clinic.

This innovative clinic is designed to simplify the patient journey. It is for people affected by conditions of the upper and lower limbs. This includes joint, tendon, ligament and conditions of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee, ankle and foot. This clinic is run by Stewart Kerr who, in addition to being a Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist is also a Musculoskeletal Sonographer enabling him to provide ultrasound-guided injections to ensure maximal accuracy of these treatments.  They also offer a Pelvic Health Care service which is run by clinical specialist Kate Leishman.

This is a highly specialised physiotherapy service for issues related to pelvic dysfunction. Therapists working in this field are highly trained to access and manage problems relating to pelvic floor muscles such as prolapse, urinary or faecal incontinence.

Dr Terrina Dickson

Private GP | Dermatology Specialist | Mole Screening | Minor Surgery Specialist

The Medical Services at Life Fit Wellness are provided by Dr Terrina Dickson and offer clients the opportunity to have flexible appointment lengths to suit their specific needs.  The services range from private GP consultations to specialist skin assessments and treatment.  Also on offer are a wide range of health assessment packages which offer clients the opportunity to look proactively at their health and well-being.

The specialist skin and mole screening services allow clients quick access to an expert opinion for their peace of mind.  The clinic offers specialist assessment equipment allowing Dr Dickson to accurately evaluate your presentation.

The clinic has quick access to laboratories for rapid analysis of blood and other specialist testing.

They also offer corporate medical packages to suit the particular requirements of employers from small to large companies. Competitive rates and bespoke, flexible packages can be provided. Their website is a great resource for all the healthcare and exercise services on offer, plus the patient resources section has lots of useful health and injury advice freely available. The friendly team at Life Fit Wellness are always happy to discuss their services and the most appropriate options to suite your needs.

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