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Jill Ritchie Life Coaching – Living A Limitless Life

Living a limitless life

“Your current situation doesn’t need to become your future reality. Life Coaching helps you connect with your ‘Why,’ allowing you to take control, feel empowered and live a limitless life” – Jill Ritchie

Life Coach, Jill Ritchie always knew that she wanted to help people. Her career began in financial services where she became successful very quickly from a young age, due to her skills in managing and motivating people to really get the best out of them. 

“Things really changed after I had my children, says Jill. “I felt such a huge pressure to maintain my professional reputation that I no longer felt fulfilled in my work. It started to impact on my health – I felt ashamed that I was unhappy, and that feeling consumed me.” What Jill didn’t realise at the time was many working adults feel this way but there is a solution. She was gifted two books, The Secret and The Miracle Morning and realised that to be happy she needed to invest in herself.

After sixteen years as a corporate leader, Jill left her job to begin her life coaching journey, earning accreditation and a certificate in Leadership Coaching. She says, “Leaving a secure role was not an easy decision, but I had such a huge desire to not only live my best life, but help others do the same.” As a mother and a wife she worried about the practicalities of leaving her job but knew she could offer more to her family if she was the best version of herself.

Life coaching transforms people’s lives for the better. Jill works with individuals, couples, corporate clients and small groups, on a range of things like improving relationships, goal-setting, accountability, weight loss and fitness, and she also provides mindset coaching to clients who are looking to shift their focus. With the use of online tools like Skype and Zoom, she can connect with clients all over the world.

“It’s my job to help my clients become the best version of themselves,” says Jill. “I offer a free consultation, so what have you got to lose? Worst case scenario, you’ve had a nice chat for half an hour; best case scenario, your life is completely changed within a few short months.” When you think about it simply, what price would you pay to be happy in all aspects of your life?

“If you have a deep desire to have more, do it! Get out of your comfort zone, don’t accept ‘Fine’. You’re a gift with a beating heart, thoughts and ideas in abundance. Do you think you were put on this earth to play small? I don’t think so, and you deserve way more than ‘Fine’.” Says Jill. “My mission is to reach and help as many people as possible to become the best version of themselves. This came from me being the worst version of me. It’s time to take back what’s yours!”

“Jill opens me up so I can see for myself where I am, what’s stopping me and what actions I need to take to move on to what I want. I feel like she has an insight into my soul and knows exactly what to say and when to say it – working with Jill is so powerful and so rewarding.” Michelle Cranston – Head of Safety, Health and Environment (Global Organisation)