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In Conversation with Jaclyn Moss

Can you introduce yourself and share some background?

Certainly! I’m Jaclyn Moss, and I’ve been in the hair extensions industry for the past thirteen years. I live in Larbert with my husband, Steven, and our two sons, Jack and Jude. My husband runs a successful local business called Moss Plumbing and Heating.

How did your journey in the extensions industry kick off?

I worked in Stirling on a self-employed basis to begin with, then after having my first son I took the leap and opened my first salon in Allow which I co-owned with another hairdresser for five years. I decided to expand my business and open my very own salon in April 2022 in Alloa. My true passion lies in hair extensions, hair loss and educating. My premises allow me to continue growing my business whilst working in my dream salon. 

What services do you provide in your salon?

My salon offers a comprehensive range of services. We specialise in hair extensions, but also offer hair colouring, nails, eyebrows and lash treatments and have a makeup artist on board. It’s a one-stop-shop for clients seeking various beauty treatments.

Can you tell us about your team?

Absolutely. I lead a team of seven remarkable professionals, most of whom are self-employed. We share a tight-knit bond and often feel like sisters. One special member is my best friend since I was 13; we’ve had a 20-year friendship that brings a unique dynamic to the team. Additionally, Leah, my assistant, plays a pivotal role in managing the salon’s operations and handling admin.

What ignited your passion for education and led to the founding of your training academy this year? 

It’s part of who I am as a person to help others. As part of my expansion plan, I wanted to create courses for people looking to begin a career in hair extensions or those looking to grow their services. I have also just launched my brand-new hair loss course and have people from all over the world including America and Australia looking to train with me. 

Witnessing some trainees contemplate leaving their full-time jobs to pursue this field full-time after training with me has been incredibly rewarding. My passion lies in nurturing their growth, and I’m thrilled that many are eager to return to me for further training.

Could you tell us about your academy and its vision?

Certainly! My academy came to life after a thorough renovation of the upper floor of my salon. This space is dedicated to a serene classroom environment, where I can provide intensive 1-on-1 support to my students. I envision my academy becoming one of the most renowned hair extension educational platforms in the UK, offering a blend of classroom and practical learning experiences. I also aspire to hold business events to help other business grow, as I believe in working together, never against. 

What are some significant milestones you’ve achieved in your journey?

There have been quite a few remarkable moments. For instance, I had a student fly in from Canada to receive training, which was a surreal experience. I’ve also received inquiries about my training from all across the UK and even further afield. Collaborating with Nikita Docherty on a Pro Weft masterclass, both in Ireland and in Scotland, attracted trainees from various corners of the UK.

What’s on the horizon for your future plans?

I’m excited to launch my own brand of hair extension tools, specifically designed for weaves. These tools will be available online and exclusively within my masterclasses. The idea for this initiative stemmed from me desiring to help as many hair extension professionals as possible have access to quality installation tools. 

Can you share a bit about your business motto?

My business revolves around supporting and nurturing others. Witnessing others grow and celebrating their success stories is incredibly fulfilling to me. Being part of their journey and contributing to their accomplishments is what drives me forward.