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Behind the Wall – Stay local, eat and drink global

Behind the Wall has been a social experience at the heart of Falkirk that has developed and thrived through the years. You may remember when BTW first opened it was just the front bar and how over the years it has expanded. Brian Flynn, co-owner of BTW said: “At the start we didn’t see how big it would get.” But it has always been a comfortable transition when it comes to evolving with the times. They never forget their origins; for example the wood in the bar when they originally opened has been recycled into the building and used for tables and other bits of decor. Jane Lafferty, co-owner says: “We wouldn’t want to lose what Behind the Wall was.”

Behind the Wall has now been serving the people of Central Scotland for 30 years and is over two levels, with three bars, a conservatory and a fabulous heated beer garden with outstanding food, drink and live entertainment to enjoy! There’s also a soft play area for the kids and a newly opened Pizza Pad upstairs! There is something for everyone, so what’s not to love! 

Early Years

They were one of the first pubs to serve coffee, which might seem normal now but in the 80’s it was very much revolutionary. They were actually worried whether the people of Falkirk would like it or not, and oh they did! BTW soon became a popular spot for everyone, a place where anyone could walk in themselves, be greeted by a friendly face and enjoy a beverage. At this time, it was uncommon for women to feel comfortable sitting in a pub themselves, BTW changed this perception. It has always been a social experience, for everyone.

The Food Concept

They served basic food right from the very start, explained Brian. This initially was just a servery with salads and sandwiches, but plans were almost immediately made to extend. First came the conservatory and then they built the kitchen and bistro. The food concept came from the owners’ travels. Brian describes the moment they realised what Falkirk needed: “We went to a restaurant in New York which served Tex-Mex dishes and this inspired our menu.” This was in the days before you could get food inspiration online, you had to go to other places to see what else was out there. Their Tex-Mex dishes are now well-known in the area, signature dishes such as their fajitas and nachos and Between the Sheets. Brian says, “We’ve always had a transatlantic thought.” They are open for lunch and dinner seven days a week for a casual dining experience which still brings together flavours from all over the world at family friendly prices. They will be launching a new menu in October, but don’t worry they’ve made sure to keep the fan favourites. 

You will have no problem finding your chosen tipple at BTW! 

BTW is very well known for its delicious cocktail menu, especially for the infamous Drumstick cocktail! Brian says: “Cocktails have grown massively in the past ten years, vodka revolutionised things right around when we started and it’s grown from there.” Continental lagers and ales also came along around the time BTW opened and Scotland came into the modern day with regards to its pub scene. Nowadays they stock everything from world leading brands to local products and are always listening to requests for updates to their drinks list.

Within the Community

Behind the Wall’s location puts it right in the heart of the town centre, being close to travel hubs such as Falkirk Grahamston, a bus hub and a taxi rank. It’s been a part of the community since it opened its doors in 1985. As you can see from the cover which features three members of the team and Brian, they are a team-focused company which acts as a family. Brian said: “We have had loads of local kids and kids from all around the world come to work here. Couples have met here and started families, children of original staff. It is a family.” They’ve seen staff leave and come back again after university or travelling, it’s always somewhere they can call home. BTW currently employee 60 local people and its owners are also active in the community. Brian has been Chairman of Falkirk Delivers, the business improvement district, for the past four years and Brian and Jane jointly won Business Personality of the Year at the Falkirk Herald Business Awards in November 2018. Behind the Wall has also won many awards. To name a few: Best Bar None, gold and national and platinum awards, Sunday Mail Pub of the Year in Scotland and Daily Record Pub of Year. They have a strong link with the local football club and run a shuttle bus to the Falkirk games on a Saturday. They also show live football in the bar area.

“BTW is a unique destination which aims to provide a safe and comfortable venue for all ages and social groups. We are always here to serve you and adapt to trends and customer expectations. From frothy cappuccinos in the morning to late night music and dancing BTW has something for everyone, whoever you are.”

The Pizza Pad at BTW

In the 90’s they opened upstairs, as Eglesbrech Ale and Whisky Bar. Eglesbrech is the Gaelic name for Falkirk. It was a traditional Scottish ale house.The concept has been slightly changed recently as they have rebranded upstairs as The Pizza Pad at BTW; they saw an opportunity to grow the space. As Brian says when asked what they can attribute years of success to: “We’ve never stood still.”

The mascot of the Pizza Pad is a French Bulldog named Eddy. Jane explained: “We were looking for an identity, and Eddy was our team member’s dog and was very lovable.” The slogan goes, ‘Ready for an Eddy’ which translates to ‘going off to behind the wall for a pizza.’ The Pizza Pad opened in July but the old identity is still there as customers are more than welcome to still just go up for a drink. It still has all the essential elements, fabulous beers, quality spirits and entertainment. Upstairs was always a venue and still will be! You can dine on delicious home cooked pizzas and street fries! Everything’s homemade and they make their own dough, fillings and toppings!

There is never a dull moment at BTW!